Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why is Ocean's Eleven so bad and Terriers so good?

It's very hard to surprise me.

I watch so many movies, read so many plays, and studied writing to the point where it's hard to really keep me in suspense. It's hard to make me care about characters.

I'm so bad about it, I often blurt out what's going to happen within the first five minutes of a movie, and people whine my name. My good friend Joel described me as using my powers for evil.

Most blockbusters are predictable enough for me, I can just look at a still promotional photo. I don't even have to see the two minute trailer.

So you can imagine my surprise when I hear myself screaming, "Don't do it, Hank!" at my television in my one bedroom apartment in Westwood next to my slumbering husband.

The season finale tonight almost made my heart explode out of my chest, I was so worried and excited. It was beyond, "the edge of my seat." I was in so much suspense, I almost threw up. Yes: this is what I call a good time.

I somehow care about every character. I somehow see myself in all of them and see all the dimensions they have. Even a cop with five lines or less, I get the feeling of who he is.

Now this is excellent writing, impeccable acting, and I can't help but credit the director for this magic. It seems to be an almost flawless collaboration to create a real world to be immersed.

Donal Logue (Hank) is such a loveable loser. He's funny and dry, and though he makes horrible life decisions for himself, something about his sincerity breaks your heart every time. I mean, breaks your heart at every twist and turn of the episode: every episode.

So do it. Watch Terriers. But take my advice: get the whole series and watch it in one sitting. Waiting between episodes is painful. Whatever care that is necessary to see every episode in order from start to finish will be worth it to you.

You, future viewer, when you find yourself converted may thank me for this recommendation by sending me a vegan cupcake. Vanilla with chocolate chips, please.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is interesting. I was curious about this show when it came out, and I watched the first couple episodes, and though I didn't think it was at all terrible, it didn't really grab me that much. I felt some bits of what I watched seemed a bit too smug, and I didn't really reach the same level of appreciation for it that the sources which led me to check it out had. So I never got around to go back for that third episode. I think though, that I might give it another chance now, after reading your thoughts. Maybe I was better off, if it does latch hold, as you're supposing, I'll probably be glad that they're all out if I want to go on to watch the next one. (I recently watched like the first two seasons of Breaking Bad within a couple weeks, there was a couple days where I was watching them non stop.)

December 2, 2010 at 2:11 AM


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